Text Box: Replace or Clean Air Filters
Lubricate All Moving Parts When Necessary
Check High Limit Control
Check Fan Control
Check Condenser Coil
Check Voltage and Amperage on Motors
Check Condensate Drains, Clean, if Necessary
Check Operating Pressure for Proper Refrigerant Charge
Check Safety Controls Where Applicable
Check All Electrical Connections
Check Total Operating Performance of Heating/Cooling System
Check Fuel Pipe
Inspect Heat Exchanger or Heat Strips
Check, Clean and Calibrate Pilot and Orifice Assembly or Sequencer


Peace of Mind that Your System is Operating at a Peak Performance Level for Comfort and Efficiency
Prolongs Equipment Life
Assures You of Maximum Safety
Helps Eliminate Potential Breakdowns Before They Occur
Reduction in Trip Charge for Contract Customers

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You’ve seen our trucks and Gunner.

Maintenance Contract Check List

Klunk Techs are trained to spot suspicious signs of an impending problem

that could be avoided by performing simple tests and minor repairs

before the problem gets out of hand.

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